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Quingem's Creations and Collectibles

1897 Cyclist's Cup
Quingem's Creations and Collectibles
1897 Cyclist's Cup
1961 GM Clock
1948 Cadillac Tail Lights - pair

$65.00 - contact for more purchasing information.

This is a unique collectible for the cycling enthusiast.  It was created in 1897 and was carried as a portable cup.  It is a "telescoping" collapsible silver cup.  The style was patented on February 23, 1897 by John Lines.  This particular cup is embossed on the lid.  It says Cyclist's Cup.  There is an image of two people riding a tandem bicycle (bicycle-built-for-two.)  It was made in the U.S.A.


This is a side view of the cup.  More pictures coming soon.

Original patent specifications